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In a meeting held in early spring of 2010 the then Board Members of Daniel Boone Youth Sports (“DBYS”) and Blazer Youth Sports (“BYS”) (collectively the “Organizations”) met with the PA State Commissioner of Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken, Mr. Anthony Tucci, to begin discussions to merge the two respective Organizations into one Cal Ripken League under the Daniel Boone School District [1]. Mr. Tucci conveyed that BYS was in violation of Rule 0.002 of the 2010 Babe Ruth Rule Book and thus in jeopardy of losing its charter for the 2011 season. Under Rule 0.002, a “league shall be composed of not less than four (4) or more than ten (10) teams. A chartered league may contain more than ten teams provided the league is divided into separate divisions. Each division is to be composed of not less than four (4) four teams per division.” In addition, based upon guidance Mr. Tucci had received from the International Headquarters of Babe Ruth, he is to interpret this rule to mean a league must have at least 4 major teams within their league to be in compliance. For those leagues that are in non-compliance of Rule 0.002, PA Cal Ripken has been instructed to begin looking to merge these leagues together with other Cal Ripken leagues that reside within the same school district area [2].

A Merger Committee was established earlier this summer comprising of 6 members; 3 members from each organization consisting of a Board Member, Coach and Parent. The goals of this Committee is to (a) review the bylaws of both organizations and draft up 1 comprehensive set of bylaws for the “merged” organization, (b) establish a time table for the merger, (c) how the merged organization will be governed in its initial year and subsequent years so to best ensure a successful merger and (d) establish a working financial budget. Ultimately the Committee’s findings and recommendations would be brought in front of the two respective Organizations for review and approval.

The Merger Committee members recognize that the two Organizations potentially come to the table with vastly different motivations to merge but overall, it is the goal of the Committee to work together towards enhancing our programs, both from developmental and competitive standpoints, for the direct benefit of the children/players within the Daniel Boone School District. Through the medium of a supervised competitive baseball and softball programs we seek to implant in the youth of the Daniel
Boone community (roughly 760 strong under a merged organization) ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty and fundamental skills so they may be finer, stronger and healthier young adults.

With more teams and players it will allow for more instruction, a better variety of competition and strong travel teams; including more opportunity for players to make a travel team. In addition, the merger will help the new organization maximize efficiency with things such as scheduling games, field usage, field supplies, equipment and ordering uniforms. In an attempt to collect and gauge the opinion of our members the Committee is kindly requesting that you click on the attached link and complete our online survey by no later than October 15th.

[1] The softball program is currently run under 1 organization.

[2 ]Excerpt taken from Cal Ripken’s letter to BYS dated April 25, 2010.  Letter can be view by clicking here for your reference.

you click on the attached link and complete our online survey by no later than October 15th.
Thank you in advance for your assistance.

In an attempt to gauge the opinion of our members the Committee is kindly requesting that you click the link below and complete our on-line survey by October 15th


Thank you in advance for your assistance.

DBYS/BYS Merger Committee