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2020 Buddy Ball registration
  Click HERE to register for 2020 Buddy Ball   Buddy...
2020 Baseball and Softball Registration
2020 Baseball and Softball Registration Now Open Click below...
Softball Hitting
General Membership Meeting
  DBAA General Meeting Reminder, tonight Monday, March...
2020 Buddy Ball registration


Click HERE to register for 2020 Buddy Ball


Buddy Ball Registration

Being a buddy to our Buddy players is very easy. If you haven't done it before, you'll feel like you have in just a few minutes. To help, here are some very simple thoughts:
  1. The main objective of a buddy is to be a friend to our playersTalk, laugh. Kid around, see what's up.
  2. It might take a few minutes to gauge how much assistance a player might needDon't be afraid to ask if you're not sure
  3. Don't catch the ball that is hit by a player (don't use a glove), and don't throw the ball. If it gets by and they don't get it, take your player to the ball. Let them throw it, any direction will do.
Children that have physical and /or mental disabilities can now play baseball on a team in the DBAA. The league is entering its forteenth year, and our Buddy Ball Division is beginning its forth season. Were looking for buddies to help our Buddy ballplayers play baseball.

The Buddy Ball Division is open to any youngster between the ages of 4 and 21.
Buddy players will play on the same fields, use the same equipment and wear the same uniforms (including jerseys and hats) as non-disabled teams.
The most fundamental goal of the Buddy Division is to give everyone a chance to play. To realize that goal, Buddy Ball has
 some basic thoughts: each child will bat every inning, and each child will play in the field. No score is kept during games and nobody is ever out. Beyond following basic safety rules, Buddy Ball will adjust certain rules to the skill levels of the children playing. (For instance, players can be pitched to by a coach, or they can hit from a batting tee.)

To help these kids, Buddy Ball also provides for a buddy system in which young volunteers (ages from 9 to 21) can assist players when needed both at bat and in the field (in most instances, this program can be used toward required community service projects in your school). For instance, buddies can push players using wheelchairs around the basepaths after a hit, or takes a player to the ball when it gets past them. Among the many benefits of our buddy program is the social interaction between the players and the non-disabled buddies. Our buddies gain valuable insights regarding people with disabilities and realize that they are not very different from themselves. Not only is participating in Buddy Ball rewarding for our buddies, but it is equally rewarding for our players. Many terrific friendships have been struck through Buddy Ball. Our players think the world of our buddies.


Buddy Ball will start on DBAA opening day. 


by posted 12/01/2019
2020 Baseball and Softball Registration

2020 Spring Registration Now OPEN

2020 Baseball and Softball Registration Now Open

Click below to Register for all Spring and Summer teams

2020 Spring/Summer Baseball and Softball registration!!


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Softball Hitting

Softball Hitting

by posted 11/06/2019
General Membership Meeting
DBAA General Meeting Reminder, tonight Monday, March 11, 2019, @ Keystone Villa.
General meetings are typically the second Monday of the month. Weather dictates location, with colder months, normally held @ Keystone Villa.
Next General Membership Meeting, Monday, 4/8/19 8:00 PM at the Keystone Villa at Douglassville.
1152A Ben Franklin Highway East, Douglassville, PA 19518


  1. Meeting Call to Order (XXst, XXnd & Time)
  2. Approval of agenda
  3. Officers Reports: 
    • President: Eric –nominations for Treasurer
    • VP: Pete
    • Secretary:  Brett – February 2019 meeting minutes are available at DBYS.org –- waive the reading of the minutes (XXst, XXnd) –
    • Treasurer: Nan - Review current financial report
    • Logistics:  Rob
    • 12U Baseball Director - Tom
    • 13+ Baseball Director – John
    • League Ops:  Randy
    • Softball Director:  John
    • Field Hockey Director: Karen
    • Buddy Ball Director: Lorie


  1. Old Business 
    • Baseball evals and draft review
    • Field Clean up day set for Saturday, March 16th
    • Buddy Ball Shed is a go – being built behind the two existing sheds
    • AED grant update
    • Legion Post 626 field update
    • Snack Bar and Field Coordinators -
  2. New Business
  • Batting Cages for Hill Rd – update
  • Fundraiser – Victor Emmanuel – March 13th need volunteers to help serve



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